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Brooke J

"Participating in Rural Online Initiative has given me many more tools that I needed to work online. When I first learned about Rural Online Initiative November 2018 I thought it would provide me with a job. I did not, however, expect it to teach me how to work from an online platform nor help me learn apps that would help my organization skills. Specifically it helped me to feel more secure working online. I actually had the idea to teach English to Chinese children or to anyone as an ESL teacher, but I wasn’t really brave enough to take that leap.... Going through the process with Rural Online Initiative helped me gain greater understanding so that I was able to take that leap.

I now work for Magic Ears, which is a company that teaches English to Chinese students....The basic information given within ROI helped me to think widely outside of the box.... I appreciated the discipline that was presented through the course. It was not easy for me to take the course... You must be very innovative and determined if you are going to work online because you are the one who has to do all of the problem solving and be willing to communicate. I have always thought that someday I would be able to earn an income from my home and I have tried many things which I think increased my ability to recognize what ROI offered and I ran with it. Now I am trying to pick the best offers.

Having gone through the ROI course has made me more attentive to work from home opportunities. This led me to helping my son secure a job that he now works from his home in Richfield Utah. The internet was his greatest challenge but because of perseverance and a Mom who knew what to do he is enjoying staying close to home instead of moving to the crowded Wasatch Front."  

- Brooke J.