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“I’m Whitley Potter, I’m a stay at home wife & mother to 3 little ones and I live in Tabiona Utah. I love living in a rural community but it has a downside of not a lot of opportunities for work close to home. I’ve worked remotely off and on for the past 5 years and honestly the initial start into remote work is the hardest! Learning to navigate the ins and outs and finding legit jobs was a job in itself, and a stressful one.  I recently got word of the ROI program and decided to give it a try and I’m beyond glad I did.  While a lot of it was stuff I’d already known or learned it was great to get extra insight and help through the course and the great instructors. The ROI instructors and mentors are immensely helpful and are really invested in helping you during and after the course. In taking and completing the course, it enhanced my skills and my resume. Now, not only did I have the skills and knowledge to work remotely, but I had the training and certificate to prove it.

Within one month of completing the course I got hired on with a great company, “Tephra Solar,” as a Project Manager.  I can do all my work from the convenience of my home and still be there for my little ones. I was able to double my personal income with this job and I know that was definitely in part to showing I had taken the time to better my remote work skills through the ROI. I would definitely recommend the ROI to anyone looking to jump into the remote working world. There is so much to learn and this program and its mentors can be such an asset to you like it has been for me.”