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Paul F

I had heard about this class from my mom and one of my nieces.  They both recommended that I take this course to improve my skills and so I could continue to live in a rural community.  I was familiar with working remotely because I had been doing it for over a year already.  I wasn't satisfied with my current job, and wanted to change what I was doing and open up better possibilities.  I registered for the class and was excited to expand my education.  Before it started I was offered a job with a company that I had been in discussions with for a couple of months.  I was very excited about this job opportunity because it was in a familiar industry with people that I know very well.  I talked to him about this class and told him what I was doing.  He was very impressed that I was expanding my skill set and was excited to hear more about what I was doing.  I would give him a summary each week during my training meetings and let him know how I would practically apply what I was learning.  There were many immediate benefits and now I have a great plan moving forward as a Project Manager.  I am especially grateful for the resources provided to continue learning and growing as a professional.  I look forward to a great career of working remotely!

-Paul Foster