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When I took the course it really helped me in learning to focus when it comes to entrepreneurship. It was during the end of the course while visiting family in Vegas that I started to purge myself of numerous projects that were not going anywhere but were taking up plenty of my time. I am glad that I did that because when Covid hit the world I had already dropped numerous things. If I had not before I would have kept them out of fear.

So I narrowed my focus. I created a marketplace for side hustles and I am currently the only creator now. I created the side hustle and take it to profitability. One of my first side hustles is an A-Z:Success coloring book. I sell it on my website and I also sell it in a local Moab bookstore and also the copy center. I also sell it at our market on center street where I was blessed to have sold 18 Books in under 4 hours. I recently made a pitch to get the book into our school district and as of today I received clearance to make a special edition for a local elementary school.

This is just the beginning because I am keeping data on the Entire process because I am also a course creator. I will create a course and a companion book to show others how I created the side hustle and how they could buy it and make a profit as well. Thanks again for the ROI’s help!

-Murice, Grand County