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Connecting rural communities with remote work

The Remote Work Revolution

Remote work is any form of work in which you are not required to regularly commute to and work from a centralized location. Since 2005, remote work has grown by 140%. This means that regardless of where you live, there are work opportunities which you can take advantage of today!

$1,800 in savings to create a virtual job vs. an office job. Unemployment rate in rural Utah is 7.5%. Average Utah unemployment rate 3%. In 2017, 36% of the us workformce were freelancers.

Find an Option that Works for You

Our Master Remote Work Professional Certificate sets you up for success in working in one of these three categories:

Remote Employee

Remote Employee 

  • Set working hours
  • Consistent income
  • Work wherever you have an internet connection
Remote Employee


  • Start an online business
  • Be your own boss
  • Sell products you can make


  • Learn a marketable skill
  • Use your skills to serve clients online
  • Make your own schedule

The Benefits of Remote Work

For Workers:

  • Higher Income
  • Lower stress
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Less use of PTO
  • Work-life balance
  • Extended working age

For Businesses: 

  • Lower Overhead and Recruiting Costs
  • Employee Retention
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Economic Stimulation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Natural Disaster Recovery