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    The Remote Work Revolution

    Remote work is any form of work in which you are not required to regularly commute to and work from a centralized location. Since 2005, remote work has grown by 140%. This means that regardless of where you live, there are work opportunities which you can take advantage of today!

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    Our Remote Work Certificate sets you up for success in working in one of these three categories:

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    • Learn a marketable skill
    • Use your skills to serve clients online
    • Make your own schedule
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    Remote Employee

    • Set working hours
    • Consistent income
    • Work wherever you have an internet connection
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    • Start an online business
    • Be your own boss
    • Sell products you can make

    The Benefits of Remote Work

    For Workers:

    • Higher Income
    • Lower stress
    • Advancement opportunities
    • Less use of PTO
    • Work-life balance
    • Extended working age

    For Businesses: 

    • Lower Overhead and Recruiting Costs
    • Employee Retention
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Economic Stimulation
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Natural Disaster Recovery 

    Get Started

    1. Attend a Town Hall meeting about remote work

    2. Join a Remote Work cohort with one of our Program Coordinators in your county.

    3. Sign up for the  Master Remote Work Professional Certificate